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Many reasons! Here are a few:

medical transcription

I researched MT schools for almost a year but when I found MT Advantage (MTACC), I knew this was the right choice for me and have not regretted it for a minute. I looked at both on-line schools and traditional schools. MT Advantage had everything that I thought was lacking from the other schools (even the so called big three online schools). I started the beginning of September and am currently finishing up Module 10. I have learned so much in such a short time, I amaze myself!

    1. High Quality Content. Get more for your money.
    2. Our Support Team: Enrollment advisors that and support staff that care.
    3. Experienced instructors. Get in touch quickly with easy contact. Our Certified MT Instructors Provide prompt feedback and assistance through each module, each step of the way. You’re never alone.  One-on-one instructor support. Help you through.
    4. Comprehensive curriculum designed with input from experienced professionals in the industry, mentors, and medical doctors, nurses, and other support staff. Not just basic level like so many others – we take you deep into the critical subjects that matter the most and explore subjects many other programs don’t even touch. After all, our Advanced MT and Editing program is 1470 hours, more than any other online program we know of today. It’s like the difference between an Associate’s degree and a Masters: Once you start working, you’ll be glad you didn’t take any shortcuts with smaller programs.
    5. Logically presented curriculum. Start off with the basics, progressing gradually as you go through the program. No need for boring memorization – simply practice with the quizzes and activities until you’ve achieved mastery. Then you’re ready for the next step.
    6. Ongoing updates in curriculum. Mean you receive the most up-to-date and technogically advanced instruction available in the industry.
    7. Award-winning Moodle software. Makes it easy to maneuver, complete assignments, take quizzes and practice transcribing. Easy-to-navigate with tons of resources, audio, references, practice quizzes, and activities that make learning enjoyable.
    8. Ongoing Support. Enjoy support from Enrollment through Graduation and Beyond.
    9. Hands on education with real physician reports. (Transcribing practice starts right away in this program. You learn the medical terminology and the rest as you go.)
    10. Computer and Technology training. With every enrollment you receive training in computers and industry technology. Start at ground zero if you know nothing about computers, or go directly into the advanced portion if you’re experienced with Microsoft Word. In our technology section, we also teach how to use macros, word expanders, and other computer shortcuts to help accelerate your production. Our medical spellchecker included with enrollment helps you locate misspelled terms and drugs to help you reach your goal of a 100% error-free document.
    11. High academic Standards  Strong emphasis on practical application helps you to excel in those critical thinking skills.  We are passionate about YOUR success. We help you achieve YOUR goals.
    12. Partnership with Employers and Vendors through our Partners Program. Our grads are recruited by some of the industry’s top MT services.
    13. Active Military Support – Approved MYCAA Program.   Up to $4000 in military funding available for qualified military personnel and their spouses.
    14. Self-paced Learning. No need to be slowed down by others or go too fast for what you need. Our self-paced learning makes it work according to YOUR specifications.
    15. Hands-on Experience as part of learning. Start transcribing right away in the very first module. Then build upon your learning with medical terminology and anatomic terms. Once you reach the transcription portion of the program, you’re already a step ahead!
    16. Flexibility to study on YOUR schedule. Our online software is available 24 hours a day, every day of the year, so you get to study when YOU choose.
    17.  Train from the comfort of your own home – or anywhere there’s a computer. Any computer hookup can be used with your login name and password. We even have an optional MTACC computer app to download so you can study with your smart phone or tablet, free for every student.
    18. 100% Job Placement rate after graduation. We work hard with you to maintain this impressive statistic, so you’ll benefit from our success too!
    19. Industry certification ready. Use our study material and modules to prepare you for your RHDS exam after graduation which is 100% included in your tuition. Practice testing with certified instructors and receive specific feedback on your tests for better comprehension and accuracy. Show employers you’re qualified by starting your job search with certification already in hand.
    20. Save Money over a 4-year college degree.
    21. Real college-level textbooks and reference material. Everything you need is included. Software, downloads, references, links, online programs, and caring support.
    22. Our online community. Our student forum has thousands of questions and answers, links, ideas and suggestions. Meet your fellow classmates and start a study session online!
    23. Chat classes. Get together on a regular basis with your fellow students at our moderated weekly chat classes. See what others are doing and what progress you’ve made since the previous week. Exchange emails if you like and encourage each other. Participate in contests and win gift certificates, reference books, and other prizes!
    24. Get started today! Our online programs are open enrollment, so you start when it’s convenient for you. Enroll now and get your user ID and password today to start working on your new career.

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